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Weapons and armour

There is 5 basic weapon and armour qualities, White, Blue, Green, Purple and Gold, this is for all types of weapons and armour. When getting items and weapons, its important to pay attention to the stats as it is easy to discard a item simply by quality and not realising that the stats are what is more important.

While items can be upgraded in quality, they can not be levelled up so it is suggested that players take the time to consider what they wish to do with equipment. Items can be dropped in dungeons but the best items in the game are the scroll items and the set items. Each has their own unique aspects that will tempt players.

Set items have the set item bonus system starting with 2/4 to 4/4, a complete set will give an aura around the player that can also benefit other players around them. As the thrall and the player can both have 16 items, it is possible to have four different sets, making the player god like but not immortal.

Scroll items are more versatile as players can decide what item they synth using the scroll and required items, this allows players to have more choice over what items they create and this can be challenging when deciding what items to make first. While they do not have the set bonuses, they are very powerful weapons in their own right and more than capable of doing serious damage and protection



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