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The Thrall

The thrall is a merc / pet style NPC. Loyal to the player who summons it but willing to face any opponent in battle without fear. With a wide range of thrall it can be a challenge to decide what thrall matches your outfit

Mirror image of the bosses in the dungeons, the thrall can be accessed by clicking on the helmet icon on the task bar or by clicking (p). The thrall uses the same type of equipment as the player, meaning that equipment drops in the dungeons can be used on the thrall, tho level restrictions do apply. This also means that the thrall will benefit from the stats on the items

Also runes may be used to boost the thrall skills, these also drop in dungeons as well as passive skills which are exclusive to the thrall. Passive slots unlock as the player levels up the thrall in the town, there is a pet star requirement on opening pet star slots First thrall is free, there is a requirement for unlocking the 2nd and 3rd thrall slot. Soul of X are fragments of a thrall summoning card, they have a yellow puzzle piece at the top left of the image.

A card without the puzzle piece, can be summoned directly. There is normal. Uncommon Rare Epic and mythic quality thralls Soul cards and thrall cards can be dropped in dungeons or gained from the thrall summon event at the top of the game screen



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