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Skill books are a fighters main attacks

Skill books are an fighters main attacks. They can be located by clicking on the lightning bolt on the task bar above the skills or by clicking on (K). Skill books can be put in any skill slot and changed to a different slot if required. There is 6 slots across and 3 slots up. The top two slots can only be used for rune slots.

It is important to check the skill traits to be sure that a skill book will work for your character. IF you are unsure, equip the skill book, if it goes red, you can not use it, if it goes green, you can use it.

An unequipped skill book will show the information for that skill. An equipped skill book will show any extra buffs or damage that is gained from a players items, it will also show what runes are applied to the equipped skill book, on the right hand side as letters for quick reference when looking at the skill bar.

Skills usage will increase as they are levelled up, players need to be mindful that they have ample mana points or mana regen or they will find that they run out of mana very quickly during battle and need to use a lot of mana pots Base damage converts to X damage : A player has the basic damage stat which is shown in the players status panel. A skill that says 50% base damage converts to X damage, means that if I have 10k base damage, then 5k damage will be converted to X damage. If a player holds the cursor over the basic damage stat in the players status panel, it will give an estimate of damage to the last opponent fought.


Penetrate: Skill may pass through an opponent

0% CoolDown reduction: Skill will gain CD reduction as it gains levels

20% duration: increases the duration of the buff



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