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Rog Runes

Runes are an addon to enhance skills in the skill panel, they can be used for player and thrall. The rune panel can be located by clicking on the lightning bolt on the task bar above the skills or by clicking on (K). The top two slots can only be used for rune slots, the bottom is for skill books only

It is important to check the rune to be sure that a rune will work for your character. IF you are unsure, equip the rune, if it goes red, you can not use it, if it goes green, you can use it.

Runes can be levelled, some will increase their buff as they are levelled, others will not.

The rune mark is a letter that will appear on a skill book for quick reference by players.

Runes also cost mana so it is important for players to make sure they have ample mana points

Runes only apply to the skill they are added to and do not influence other skills.

Choosing the right runes to enhance skills, is a personal choice, while advice can be given, it is difficult to suggest the best runes for a player to use because there is many options that can be explored. Runes can be swapped between skills or swapped out.

Effects to think about:

Penetration: can pass through an opponent.

Increased cast/attack speed does not reduce cool down Multishot rune turns a single fireball into 3 fireballs.

Trigger runes make a skill into a passive skill.

Runes that release balloons : It can trigger up to 3 runes, Rage boost, critical boost and melee hit, creating a potential 3 tier triggered activation if all 3 runes are also actively used



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