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ROG is designed to challenge players with choice and decisions; this is why gems play an important role in a character builds. Gems are part of the socketing system in the blacksmith. The socketing system enables players to open sockets, change socket colour and remove gems. Gems are a very important part of a characters build as they give 4 main benefits.

Red is for Power : atk, base damage, armour and crit damage

Green is for agility: crit, hit, dodge, penetrate

Yellow is for constitution: maximum life and HP restore,

Blue is for intelligence: elemental resistance, energy shield, max mana and mana restore.

Gems can be synthed to become higher level gems, giving more benefits and making players very powerful when coupled with different skills, weapons and armour enhancements and the patience and time to bring out the best in your character.

Important things to remember:

Use skills, weapons, armour and enhancements then review your sockets and see if they allow you to socket the best gems for maximum effect, if they are not the right colour, try rerolling the gems.

PVE and PVP are different, it is good to remember that what makes you powerful in PVE, may be your weakness in PVP. While you can change socket colour, you can not change gem colors so save your spare gems, you may find good equipment that you can use with the spare gems, that increases your PVP abilities

Gems can be synthed in the gem panel at the blacksmith, socketing is done in gem enhancement



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