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The blacksmith can be found in the center of town and is one of the more important NPCs in the game due to the multiple services they provide for the player

The 5 key areas in which the blacksmith assists the player:

Skill enhancement: This area is for combining skill books together into a primary skill book for the purposes of levelling the skill books the player uses. This is also where runes are combined to level primary runes

Equipment Enhancement: Level up a items star rating in star upgrade. Upgrade equipment quality from white, green, blue, purple to gold quality with the use of grade stones. Refine the stats of equipment using refine to gain preferred stats and make your equipment more powerful with a enhance. Dismantle: This area is useful for breaking down weapons and armour into basic resources that can be used for other purposes such as synthing and combining

Gem Enhancement: This area is useful for the socketing of gems in items, changing socket colors with colour stones and the unlocking of sockets in items that have locked sockets.

Combine: This area is for synthing and combining various items such as level 30 and higher weapons and armour. Synthing higher level gems, synthing thrall passive skills, Various in game items to create the items you need and combine soul cards to create a card to summon thrall One important area of the blacksmith is the area in combine where players can use scrolls and items to create level specific weapons and armour of their choosing. This allows players more freedom of choice when creating their idea of the perfect fighter.



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