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RoG S1 Opening Announcement
May 22nd, 2018 - 05:39 EST

RoG opening announcement
Opening 29th of may 2018 at 10 AM US east time

ALERT: Invaders from many realms have breached our defences and are massing their forces in 72 key locations around our world. The best magic users, weapon masters and archery grandmasters are needed to help booster our defences and drive back the invaders.

We have very little to supply you with, so you will need to use what ever you can find as a weapon so you may see warriors with bows, magic uses with swords, archers using ranged magic BUT you will see all manner of enemies and they are also constantly learning new ways to defeat you.

We are told that the date for their massed invasion is the 29th of may 2018 at 10 AM US east time.

Be sure to choose the gender you wish to play in the game by clicking on the male or female image BEFORE you enter the game please. There is no option to change gender in the game.

Realm of Guardians is a game that will challenge players as it does not use a class system, this means that your best fighting skill will be your knowledge of gaming and willingness to learn a new way of playing a RPG Game.

Do not fear a lack of knowledge and wisdom but embrace it with both hands for this is how the greatest of fighters are forged in the heat of battle. They do not just take up a sword and become a master at arms, they ask questions, they seek help and they learn from other warriors.

Guardian sun tzu: Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive, knowing yourself enables you to stand on the defensive

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